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Safaga Shore Excursions 

  • Safaga Shore Excursions: Skip the Crowd, See More!

    Docked in Safaga but want to ditch the group tours? Unlock an epic adventure with private shore excursions!

    Craft Your Dream Day:

    • Snorkel Like a VIP: Discover hidden coves teeming with coral, all to yourself with a private guide.
    • Desert Escape: Explore sand dunes on a private jeep tour, relax at a Bedouin camp under the stars, and ditch the crowds.
    • History Hunter? Uncover hidden ruins or explore ancient monasteries on a private adventure.

    Luxor in a Flash:

    Time for more? Explore Luxor, a city overflowing with ancient wonders, just 2 hours away! Go private and:

    • Descend into Pharaoh's Tombs: Explore the Valley of the Kings, feeling the weight of history.
    • Temple Time: Witness the grandeur of Karnak and Hatshepsut's Temple with your own personal guide.

    Why Go Private?

    • Your Pace, Your Adventure: Explore what interests you, skip what doesn't. It's your day!
    • Expert by Your Side: Get insider tips and ask away - your private guide is your key to unlocking Safaga's magic.

    Don't settle for ordinary! Craft a private Safaga adventure that's extraordinary. Contact YourTourGuide today!

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