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Safaga Shore Excursions 

Port Safaga, also known as Safaga, is a town in Upper Egypt, on the coast of the Red Sea. The port town was founded between 282 BC and 268 BC, Safaga City is considered one of the most important therapeutic tourist centers, as special medical researches have proved the potential of attracting international tourism to the area. Safaga is also home to some of the most outstanding diving of the Red Sea, with the bay's chain reefs of Tobia Arbaa, and the impressive walls of Panorama and Abu Qifan towering reefs. The sea water is highly saline and rich in minerals which are beneficial for the skin, and it is a popular curative destination in the Red Sea Riviera.

The city has a characteristic of a base to discover other Egyptian cities and sightseeing. So how do you explore beyond the city center?

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Top 10 Safaga Shore-Excursions 2022:

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