Egypt Day-Trips

YourTourGuide is a travel agency founded by group of Egyptologist professional licensed tour guides, members of The Egyptian General Tourist Guides Syndicate. based in the major touristic cities in Egypt. since we graduated we started working as free lancer tour guides for many international travel agencies in Egypt.

In the meanwhile we started building our connections network with all the related contacts such as Hotels, touristic transportation companies, Domestic airlines . with all the knowledge we have , the experience we gained and the passion to our beloved country Egypt we decided to take a step forward to reach you and offer our services

Welcome to Egypt

We provide you a rare collection of day trips, multi-day tours and activities to explore Egypt highlights around Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Hurghada, Sharm el sheikh, Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simble

Different typs of tours :

Private tours | Culture tours | Adventure tours | Sea trips | Diving programs | Hurghada day trips | Cairo day trips | Luxor day trips 


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