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Hurghada Excursions

Spending the whole week in all–inclusive mode is really a great choice for tourists in Hurghada but it gets boring at some point. Hurghada is long and exciting with almost everything a tourist will need in such a city, but the city has a characteristic of a base to discover other Egyptian cities and sightseeing. So how do you explore beyond the city center?

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Top 10 Hurghada Excursions 2022

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El Mina Mosque Hurghada City Tour
Start Price $15
Hurghada sea scope

Royal Sea Scope

2 Hours


Start Price $15
Hurghada Orangebay snorkeling trip
Start Price $30
Hurghada scuba diving
Start Price $50
Cairo day trip from Hurghada by flight
Start Price $225
Nile cruise from Hurghada
Start Price $475
Hurghada airport transfers
Start Price $12